Satisfy your curiosity about the world around you through the study of physics.

The field of physics aims to answer questions concerning the world around us from the microscopic to the cosmological scale. Students studying physics investigated phenomena that we experience in everyday life, and for which we quickly build an intuition (e.g., what is the motion of a ball  under the effect of gravity?), as well as events that sometimes seem to challenge our understanding of reality (e.g., what are the consequences of an object moving close to the speed of light?). The study of physics does not rely on finding a numerical answer using memorized formula, but it focuses on the reasoning process. Students learned to analyze a situation, identify the relevant information, and use this information to answer a question. Physics teaches analytical and problem-solving skills essential for any aspect of life and work. Students at Marlboro learned these skills in an environment that actively supported group, project-based, and experiential work.


Sara Salimbeni

Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Studies