Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Degree

Jonathan Andrew Bork
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Chômage, immigration, et réforme: Evaluating unemployment in Emmanuel Macron’s France
Sponsors: Frederique Marty, Ian McManus, Matthew Ollis
Outside Evaluator: Thomas Breda, Paris School of Economics

Clayton Moon Clemetson
Bachelor of Arts
LIBERAL STUDIES/Holistic Education
Rhythms of becoming: The transformative potential of holistic education
Sponsors: Nelli Sargsyan, Kristin Horrigan, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Kirstin Edelglass, New England Council Collective

Bobbi Crocker
Bachelor of Arts
Sustainable agriculture in Vermont: Current practices and past legacies
Sponsor: Jennifer Ramstetter
Outside Evaluator: Tatiana Schreiber, Keene State College

Zoe Appalachia DeHart
Bachelor of Arts
POLITICS/Political Theory & AMERICAN STUDIES/Carceral Studies
Emerging otherwise of empire
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Anna Terwiel, Trinity College

Benjamin Maurice Foster
Bachelor of Arts
LITERATURE/Classics and Literary Theory
Piety, laughter, and tragedy: Reimagining dialogism
Sponsors: William Edelglass, Bronwen Tate
Outside Evaluator: Isabella Grunberger-Kirsh, Brown University

Jeffrey Webster Hiam
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of secular and Christian understandings of self and suffering
Sponsors: Amer Latif, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: John Grayson, Mount Holyoke College

Janelle Spring Kesner
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of children’s emerging spiritual and religious connections
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Rev. Lise Sparrow, Guilford Community Church

Jaclyn Frances King
Bachelor of Arts
Inalienable weight of care: Aesthetics, anxiety, and the feminine
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, Felicity Ratte
Outside Evaluator: Judith Mann, Hampshire College

Robert Lewis Kinoy
Bachelor of Arts
Right-wing populism and anti-immigrant sentiment in American politics
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Jennifer Girouard
Outside Evaluator: William Bendix, Keene State College

Spencer Knickerbocker
Bachelor of Arts
The economics of wellbeing: Measuring what we value, curbing climate change, and affordable housing
Sponsors: William Edelglass, Ian McManus
Outside Evaluator: Jon Erickson, University of Vermont

Alexander Michael Lawsure
Bachelor of Arts
U.S. housing policy and the rise of neoliberalism in the 21st century
Sponsors: Jennifer Girouard, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Rachel Madsen, Brandeis University

Alicia Bryna Lowden
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Paradise, para quién?: How communities (re)claim space in the Costa Rican tourism industry
Sponsors: Rosario de Swanson, Nelli Sergsyan
Outside Evaluator: Patrica Gubitosi, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Daniel Pierce Medeiros
Bachelor of Arts
ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES/Wildlife Ecology & WRITING/Creative Writing
Carnivore ecology through study and story
Sponsors: Jaime Tanner, Bronwen Tate
Outside Evaluator: Todd Fuller, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Alexander Sean Quick
Bachelor of Arts
The other in time: Death, ethics, and Eros
Sponsors: William Edelglass, Thomas Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Casey Ford, University of Guelph

Henry Bodhisattva Robinson
Bachelor of Arts
CERAMICS/Japanese Art, History, & Culture
Post-Cute: Ceramic sculpture beyond craft and cool Japan
Sponsor: David Eichelberger
Outside Evaluator: Rebecca Morgan, Keene State College

Ariana Catrina Rodrigues-Juarbe
Bachelor of Arts
PHOTOGRAPHY & SOCIOLOGY/Gender & Mental Health
Multi-disciplinary approach to gender, mental health, and healing
Sponsors: John Willis, Jennifer Girouard
Outside Evaluator: Em Rooney, Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Tristan Frederick William Rolfe
Bachelor of Arts
LITERATURE/Classics & WRITING/Pedagogy
Ambitions as a writer: Literature, writing and the teaching of both
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Natasha Binek
Outside Evaluator: Gabriel Naughton, independent scholar

Avellana Teresa Ross
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of story, silence, and translation
Sponsors: Rosario de Swanson, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Jonathan Pitcher, Bennington College

Numen Rubino
Bachelor of Arts
Professional play in League of Legends: Statistical and machine learning analyses
Sponsor: Matthew Ollis
Outside Evaluator: Eric Scace, independent consultant

Kristen Ann Thompson
Bachelor of Arts
A landscape of interactions: Sustainable land use from farm to forest
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Bronwen Tate
Outside Evaluator: Joy Ackerman, Antioch University New England

Hava Toobian
Bachelor of Arts
VISUAL ARTS/Multimedia
Uncenter unbelonging: Diasporic reworking of self
Sponsors: Amy Beecher, Brad Heck
Outside Evaluator: Maria del Carmen Carrion, Cisneros Institute at the Museum of Modern Art

Nathaniel Stephen Weeks
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of traditional networking/web development technologies and the current state of distributed networking
Sponsor: Jim Mahoney
Outside Evaluator: Elliot Anders, Green River Data Analysis

Leslie Ann Wilson
Bachelor of Arts
An overview of internet technologies emphasizing design
Sponsor: Jim Mahoney
Outside Evaluator: Jessica Schilling, Solaria Labs

Karissa Katherine Elizabeth Wolivar
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Textura/Texture: An exploration of social dance and space.
Sponsors: Kristin Horrigan, Nelli Sargsyan
Outside Evaluator: Molly Christie Gonzalez, Univeristy of Massachusetts Amherst

Gabriella Mercedes Wood
Bachelor of Arts
WRITING/Journalism & SOCIOLOGY/Immigration Studies
A multidimensional study of immigration in the United States
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Jennifer Girouard
Outside Evaluator: Clare Gillis, freelance correspondent

Isabella Ariana Yandell
Bachelor of Arts
HISTORY/Urban Planning & ANTHROPOLOGY/Urban Anthropology
Mafia state and urban planning in post-Soviet Transcaucasia
Sponsors: Felicity Ratte, Adam Franklin-Lyons, Nelli Sargsyan
Outside Evaluator: Caryn Brause, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Graduate & Professional Studies Degrees

Sarah Bliss
Master of Business Administration
Follow your bliss: The portfolio lifestyle
A personal journey, through hard-charging research, interviews and self-experimentation, to design a career that prizes meaningful work and quality of life in equal parts.

Gail M. Makuch
Master of Business Administration
Building stronger virtual teams
Researching resources for team-building and organizational culture best practices, and developing a Team Assessment Tool with customized virtual facilitation practices.

Jeanette Pfeifer
Master of Business Administration—paths to thriving
Inspiring actions and ideas to design a beneficial culture and economy by advancing a more precise definition of sustainability rooted in context and adequate vital resources —vital capitals sufficiency.


David Ellsworth-Keller
Master of Science in Management
Organizational limitations into programmatic opportunities
Addressing the need for a relatively small, affordable homeownership program to successfully manage the sale of affordable homes in a Burlington housing development.

Sarah Simonds Brock
Master of Science in Management
The art of bringing people together
Creating and strengthening relationships among nonprofit organizations who practice the art of convening to initiate positive community change.


Christopher D. Smith
Master of Arts in Teaching with Technology
Cambrian rising—training K-12 teachers to identify bullying
Using an asynchronous online course to lead teachers through federal bullying legislation and explore examples of possible bullying.

John M. Wagner
Master of Arts in Teaching with Technology
Radio-controlled explorer’s club
Creating and launching of a high school club that gives students a place to operate and build Radio Controlled (RC) cars, helicopters and drones in an inclusive and supportive environment.


Zachary Oliver H. Brown
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
The dilemma of behavior management: The production of “good kids”
The Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) model: Where does it come from, what came before, and what makes a “good” student?

Judy A. Dow
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Mapping your story
Reclaiming historical Indigenous stories, and mapping these stories to provide youth with another perspective of history, science, and math, and to assist them in making meaning of their own lives.

Lamia Effat Barakat
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Diversity and breaking the stereotypes in schools
Encouraging teaching and learning about other cultures, where their imports come from, and under what conditions are they manufactured.

Luiz Augusto Silva Batista
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Teaching society’s dynamics through literature
A demonstration of applications of socio-political literature in the classroom.

Tristan Lorraine Close
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
A second grade exploration of community
How community work and common goals are more important than one person’s single contribution.

Allison Elizabeth Foley
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Implementing collective behavior models in the elementary classroom
What happens when a collective behavior plan is implemented for a group accustomed to individual behavior plans?

Joseph Frigo
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
The importance of teaching counter examples
Fostering student analysis of contradiction.

Michael Schlenoff
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Dismantling misconceptions about student apathy
Highlighting systemic issues that contribute to students “checking out.”


Olga Alejandra Araujo Romero
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
The good, the best, and the unusable: The best method to suit your learners Encouraging teachers to explore, mix and match, and extract from each method to always serve learning and keep that joy alive.

Mark Foster Cormier
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Curiosity-driven language learning: Charting a Course
Exploring the CHART framework for planning engaging classroom experiences that promote authentic language use and higher order thinking.

Emily Belle Engott
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Full mind or mindful? Meditation in the language classroom
Discovering the effects of classroom-based meditation on real students and learning how to operationalize this practice in our own classrooms.

Elvis Antonio Fuentes Prudencio
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
To speak or not to speak? To play or not to play? That’s the dilemma
Providing teachers with the necessary tools to foster students’ confidence and motivate them to actively participate in their learning.

Anita Christine Helman
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Stories from cars, homes, and classrooms
What I learned about human experience while working at the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

Marcus R. Jones
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
From interference to transfer: Sociopolitical, sociolinguistic, and affective considerations surrounding L1 use in the classroom
Incorporating bilingual learning journals and contextualization clues to harness the benefits of L1 use.

Mana Harvestsong Martin
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
To be like a Greek Pedagogue, to be like Jesus
Engaging in a reflective process to consider these historical figures and how they relate to pedagogical practice.

Kiara Pineda Amador
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Act it up! Using theater in the classroom
Learning how to transform the classroom into a stage and apply theater techniques to daily routines.