Alumni Profile: Anne Koplinka-Loehr ’10

Anne Koplinka-Loehr Headshot

Social Studies Teacher, Brattleboro Area Middle School

As a social studies teacher, Anne decided to enroll in the MATS program because of its clear focus on social justice, and its commitment to moving towards a world where all people have what they need. Anne writes, “I haven’t encountered any program like it before or since, and the tools I learned constitute the foundation I use every day in the classroom. For example, working for an entire year as a student teacher prepared me much more thoroughly for teaching, and my internship led to a full-time position at the middle school. The tools of analysis we practiced in the program connected to critical pedagogy and social justice help me use the standards in ways that further principles of equity and justice.”

Anne has an ongoing connection with social justice educators locally and globally, which facilitates collaboration and activism. Through her continued engagement with the MATS community, she is able to keep connecting theory and practice in an iterative process of “praxis”—taking action based on her principles. Anne has even had an MATS intern in her classroom, which she says, “was a wonderful chance to reflect on my work, and teach as a team.”