Beth Mellen, MBA

Beth Mellen, MBA ’12 is currently Senior Pricing Analyst at BP

She carried out her MBA Capstone project, titled ‘The Workforce Personified: Facilitating Authentic Human Engagement in the Workplace,’ for her employer, BP. She said, “It addresses the importance of engaged employees to the overall success and sustainability strategy of large publicly traded corporations, where, often, employees are viewed (or view themselves) as expendable human resources lost in a massive machine of bureaucracy and command and control hierarchy.”

“As employee engagement is mutually beneficial to employers and employees, this project seeks to create working environments which allow people and organizations to co-exist in a mutually rewarding and symbiotic relationship,” said Beth. Working with her project sponsor Castrol, she developed and administered an employee engagement survey to 30 employees, designed and facilitated a workshop on employee engagement, and provided final recommendations to the project sponsor for boosting and sustaining elevated employee engagement levels. “The project focuses on sustainable people practices, communication, stakeholder engagement, group facilitation, strategy and consulting skills.”