Alumni Profile: Bethany Hobbs ’11

Bethany Hobbs Headshot

Social studies and English teacher, Four Rivers

Before joining the Marlboro College MA in Teaching for Social Justice program, Bethany had been working in schools long enough to recognize something was amiss for both teachers and students. The program encouraged her to learn about the various lived experiences of people throughout history, inspiring her to use her creativity and enthusiasm for teaching to celebrate the best of human experiences and oppose the worst of human actions. Bethany writes, “The program’s emphasis on teaching with purpose, especially as it relates to the development of critical thinking in both educators and students, is remarkable. I love the work I do, and being a part of the Marlboro alumni network continues to support me in the often hectic world of being an educator in an educational system that needs teachers like Spark teachers.”

Bethany taught seventh and eighth grade humanities at Compass School for two years before joining the team at Four Rivers in 2012. She is presently teaching 7th grade English and social studies, where she says, “ I draw from the understanding I gained during my Marlboro program daily.” She has also applied the skills she gained through the MATS program with the World Learning Youth Peace and Leadership Programs, as well as through her position as a faculty member with the Governor’s Institute for Current Issues and Youth Activism. Her most recent summer endeavors include leading three-week exchange programs for U.S. high school students to Brazil through the Experiment in International Living.