Alumni Profile: Evan Lorenzen ’13

Graduation Year


Field of Study

Visual Arts/Animation: An investigation of visual and technological appropriation as a means to engage the viewer within the context of animation.


Tattoo artist

Creation Continued

Evan Lorenzen's hand tattoo of a snake and a spiderWhen Evan Lorenzen ’13 graduated from Marlboro with a Plan in visual arts, the sky seemed to be the limit for his creative endeavors. Appropriately, he is now living in the “mile-high city” of Denver, pursuing many forms of art—from large paintings to graphic design, animation to wine labels— and making a living at it.

“I would not be in my current circumstances without the skill sets that I acquired at Marlboro,” says Evan, who created the animated videos for Marlboro’s Beautiful Minds Challenge for the last five years. “Marlboro and its ingenious professors, staff, and students provided me with not only innumerable techniques but also the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills required to push myself and my work to further and further levels.”

Soon after moving to Denver, Evan began working in miniature, making “tiny books” and other miniature paintings and illustrations without the use of magnifying instruments, such as a recent detail of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks painted on a spoon. His unique skills are well adapted to tattoo art, which he provides at All Sacred Tattoo Studio, a group enterprise with a strong community-engagement focus.

“Besides being in an environment that promotes creativity and altruism, I really love tattooing because I interact with a wide range of fascinating individuals while practicing a craft that I am passionate about. I really enjoy being, in a way, a visual translator for my clients by helping them modify their bodies with imagery that is very personal and significant to them.”