Faculty play wins British Theater Challenge

Headshot of Brenda Foley

A one-act play written by theater professor Brenda Foley was named as one of 10 winners of Sky Blue Theatre Company’s 2016 British Theater Challenge, chosen from hundreds of submissions from around the world. Titled Fallen Wings, Brenda’s play will be produced and videotaped at the Lost Theatre in London’s West End this December, using a professional director and cast, as part of the company’s annual play festival.

“It is such an honor to have my one-act play chosen as one of the winners of this playwriting competition,” said Brenda, who began writing the play while teaching a playwriting seminar at Marlboro last fall. “Fallen Wings continues my artistic and research focus on narratives of women and creating opportunities for underrepresented voices to occupy the stage.”

Fallen Wings is about a woman who comfortably resides on the sidelines of life until she is forced to confront her capacity for resilience, as she embarks on a road trip to discover the truth behind a childhood friend’s murder. “Following completion of the one-act version, I kept writing—as it seemed that both the characters and I had more to say—and I have recently finished a draft of the full-length iteration, which I hope will have a public reading this year.”