Graduate faculty excited about move

As Marlboro’s graduate school program initiates its move from its home in downtown Brattleboro to the main campus on South Road, most graduate faculty members greet the change with eager anticipation. “For me, it’s going to be a kind of synergy of the learning experience,” said Beverley Burkett, chair of the MATESOL program and one of the many affected by the move.

This shift has been in the works since November 2016, and is the cause of much excitement among both students and staff on both campuses. Although graduate school classes will only be taking place in the summer and on monthly weekends, the anticipation of bringing the two campuses together is palpable.

“I’m thrilled that we’ll be close to the library, “ continued Beverley. “What we had downtown were books specific to the graduate programs, but up here there is a range of resources as well as very pleasant spaces to work in.”

The Graduate School staff have been given office space in On the Way, a building adjacent to the president’s house, and the classes will be taking place in the library, Dalrymple, and the new Snyder Center for the Visual Arts. The MATESOL program, which takes place over the summer, is an intensive, eight-week-long program for students devoted to teaching English to speakers of other languages. Beverley looks forward to being surrounded by the natural beauty on campus.

“In TESOL we really try to walk the talk. So, for instance, we don’t just teach about different learning styles, we cater for them in our classes. I’m looking forward to being able to suggest a meditative walk, as well as plan a variety of activities in the great spaces in the new Snyder Center. Three-hour sessions will fly by.”

Beverley added, “The tranquility and rural setting of this campus, I think, may ease the intensity of the eight-week program. This will be really conducive to the kind of learning that we want to take place. I think it’s going to be inspiring.”