Graduate program has beautiful new home

Starting in March, the administrative hub for Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies will be in Marlboro, Vermont, in a peaceful, light-filled house, known as “On the Way,” adjacent to the president’s home on South Road. Graduate classes will share spaces also used by the undergraduate program, taking place on campus in the library, Dalrymple, and the new Snyder Center for the Visual Arts.

For more than a year, Marlboro College trustees and staff have been exploring measures to improve programs and strengthen our finances. At the November 2016 board meeting, trustees voted to move the graduate program to our campus on Potash Hill, where it can share classrooms, staff, and other resources with the undergraduate program.

“The co-location of our programs in one beautiful place will have many benefits,” said President Kevin. “It builds on much of our recent work to better unite the two campuses, expands the recreational and academic opportunities for graduate students, diversifies our learning community, and, most importantly, enriches our educational offerings for both undergraduate and graduate students.”

Sharing the Marlboro campus will also have additional benefits for graduate students, many of who come from urban areas in the region and who look forward to experiencing all that rural Vermont has to offer, from snowshoeing to star-gazing.

“Brattleboro will continue to be the local hub for great restaurants, movies, art, culture, shopping, and charming places to stay,” said Kate Jellema, associate dean for graduate and professional studies and chair of the Integration Committee tasked with finding new and exciting ways to collaborate as one campus. “But our graduate students are excited to explore Marlboro, and to be an integral part of this learning community on a hill.”