Marlboro College Featured in Fiske Guide

“Marlboro students are passionate learners with insurmountable curiosity, always excited to see how deep the academic rabbit hole can go,” said one student surveyed for the 2018 Fiske Guide to Colleges, now available from booksellers. Each year the Fiske Guide offers profiles of more than 300 of the “best and most interesting” colleges in the country, and once again Marlboro College is among them.

Fiske claims to be the best-selling college guide on the market and the one that high school counselors recommend most often to students and parents. Their thorough profile of Marlboro College highlights its trailblazing history as an innovator in liberal arts education, the Plan of Concentration, shared governance model, study abroad opportunities, and the “incredibly dynamic” Outdoor Program. Although there are some inaccuracies and outdated inclusions, the profile overall reflects Marlboro’s unique position in the landscape of higher education.

“Marlboro College is a place for students with a passion for academia, a desire to join and maintain a small democratic community, and an interest in designing their own course of intellectual study,” muses one student interviewed for the profile. According to the Fiske Guide, “This iconoclastic school continues to push the academic envelope and remains proud of doing—and being—the unexpected.”