Marlboro College Recommended for Value by Princeton Review

“The ‘academic freedom’ at Marlboro is its greatest gift,” according to the recently published Princeton Review book, The Best Value Colleges: 200 Schools with Exceptional ROI for Your Tuition Investment. “Students ‘can study whatever [they] want in great depth’ and this makes the academic work ‘deeply personal’ and ‘that much more enriching.”

Marlboro College is profiled as one of the nation’s best colleges for students seeking a superb education with great career preparation at an affordable price, according to 2019 edition of Princeton Review annual guide, published by Penguin Random House / Princeton Review Books. With an academic rating of 93, an ROI (return on investment) rating of 87, and a “professors interesting” rating of 99, the education services company gives significant endorsement for the value of the Marlboro curricular model.

“We are always happy to be listed among the top schools in the country by Princeton Review, and we have every reason to be there,” said Kevin Quigley, president of Marlboro College. “Not only does a Marlboro education include great career preparation, it provides skills and experiences that will support a life of purpose—something much harder to measure but much in demand.”

The Princeton Review chose the schools for its guide based on data collected in 2017–18 from its surveys of administrators at more than 650 colleges. The company also factored in data from its surveys of students attending the schools as well as surveys of school alumni that conducted through April 2018.

In all, The Princeton Review crunched more than 40 data points to tally ROI ratings of the colleges that determined its selection of the 200 schools for the book. Topics covered everything from academics, cost, and financial aid to graduation rates, student debt, alumni salaries, and job satisfaction.

“We salute Marlboro and all of our Best Value Colleges,” said Robert Franek, The Princeton Review’s editor-in-chief and lead author of the book. “They stand out for their outstanding academics and their affordability via generous financial aid to students with need and/or comparatively low sticker prices. Students at these colleges also have access to extraordinary career services from their freshman year on, plus a lifetime of valuable alumni support.”

In the book’s profile of Marlboro, The Princeton Review editors praise the school as a place that “runs on community values,” and quote from Marlboro students who described how the faculty really “bring the coursework to life.” According to the students surveyed, “Every single student at Marlboro “is absolutely brilliant” and all are “studying vastly different and hugely interesting things.”