Marlboro Joins Equal Pay Compact

Marlboro College is pleased to announce that they recently became one of many employers in the state to sign the Vermont Equal Pay Compact. This compact promises equal pay no matter the gender of the employee, and solidifies Marlboro’s commitment to helping to close the gender wage gap.

“Equal pay for equal work is a fundamental economic principle and is essential to human dignity,” said Kevin Quigley, president of Marlboro College. “This should be practiced by institutions like ours that are concerned with equity and inclusion.”

The Vermont Commission on Women initiated the Equal Pay Compact in 2015 as a voluntary pledge taken by Vermont-based employers to ensure their promise to learn more about and help to close the gender wage gap. The Vermont Equal Pay Compact is one of the many projects that the commission has launched in order to further their cause of advancing rights and opportunities for women in Vermont, and recently celebrated its 100th signatory. Learn more at