Marlboro launches partnership with Nigerian university

Marlboro College is pleased to announce a new cooperative relationship with The American University of Nigeria (AUN), which will enhance the educational experience and cross-cultural understanding of students and faculty at both institutions. In March, President Kevin Quigley visited Nigeria and while there signed a Memorandum of Understanding codifying the partnership between Marlboro and AUN, which is located in Yola, Adamawa State.

“Marlboro is committed to offering students international experiences that expand their horizons and launch them into a life of meaningful work,” said President Kevin, who serves on the board of directors at AUN. “We already have partnerships in China, Mexico, Germany, Slovakia, and Czech Republic, as well as with domestic programs, and we are thrilled that our first collaboration in Africa is at AUN.”

President Kevin was introduced to AUN through his longtime colleague Bob Pastor, a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer and a writer and member of the National Security Council. Bob helped establish AUN, working closely with the His Excellency Atiku Abubakar, formerly vice president of Nigeria. When Kevin was the president and CEO of the National Peace Corps Association, he worked with Atiku and Bob to launch the Harris Wofford Global Citizen Award. This award recognizes individuals like Atiku whose lives were influenced by their interactions with volunteers, leading to a life of service to community and country.

The specific goals of the cooperative relationship with AUN are to cultivate engaged learning between students and faculty from both institutions through student exchanges. The partnership will also provide for other joint academic endeavors, such as summer programs or faculty exchanges of mutual benefit.

“AUN is an ideal partner for Marlboro, with a focus on arts and sciences, but also technology and entrepreneurship, in the interest of future sustainable development,” said Maggie Patari, director of global learning and international services. “We are fortunate to have this new partner providing the skills and leadership to help students address the social and economic challenges in the region, and the world.”