Midnight Breakfast Tradition Lives On

Kid at midnight breakfastWhile many schools have a “study break” midnight breakfast sometime before finals, Marlboro takes a particularly festive approach. Midnight Breakfast was celebrated this year, as it has been since the tradition began in 2001, on the night before writing portfolios were due. This fun-filled night in the dining hall, punctuated by French toast, pancakes, and dancing, is just one more example of how academics are combined with community at Marlboro.

“In addition to being helpful to everyone submitting portfolio, visible and cheerful faculty and staff participation in social events in general is a major part of what makes Marlboro a community in the way it is,” said senior Daniel Kalla.

“The dance party to me was awesome,” said host Xenia Markowitt, dean of students, who made mini tortillas expañolas (Spanish omelets baked in muffin tins) and also danced a mean “Bump” with Kathy Waters, alumni director. “Students ate a lot, and danced like nobody was watching.”

“What a great time for students to blow off steam and just have fun together,” said Kathy. “It was a blast.” Marlboro faculty found serving breakfast from 11:30 pm to 1 am were Todd Smith (chemistry), Martina Lantin (ceramics), and Liza Williams (theater). Other staff included Jodi Clark ’95, director of housing, Chelsea Ferrell, director of international services, and admission counselors Alexia Boggs ’13 and Kenton Card ’10.