New Face in Finance

In July, Marlboro welcomed Robert Webber as the college’s new chief planning & business officer, bringing new focus and enthusiasm to the finance department. Rob comes to us from Vermont Law School where he had been their comptroller for three years, supervising the accounting and business office.

“Marlboro has an excellent reputation,” said Rob. “It’s a unique place both in terms of its physical location and the way in which it operates. I enjoy living and working in Vermont because there exist these organizations, such as Marlboro, that are nationally and internationally recognized, but also very locally oriented.”

Rob holds an MBA and an MS in accounting from Northeastern University, and has experience as a financial analyst and advisory consultant. He is a certified public accountant and also has a strong background in information technology. Perhaps most importantly, as a graduate of Carleton College, where he majored in Russian studies, he understands the dynamics of a tight-knit learning community such as Marlboro.

“The variety of work that takes place on campus is remarkable,” said Rob. “That, and the people who make it happen, have made the experience enjoyable thus far. At larger organizations, there are more resources available to accomplish what, in reality, is a similar amount of work. At Marlboro, the staff and faculty work extremely hard to keep the school running smoothly.”

Rob succeeds Anne Pratt, who supported or led the finance department for an impressive 17 years, most recently as chief financial officer. With four months at the helm of the finance department under his belt, Rob is dedicated to the unique value of a Marlboro education: “Marlboro needs to position itself as a leader among small, liberal arts colleges, and needs to highlight the value of its educational model.”