New Tables Link College with Music Festival

A collection of sturdy, convertible picnic tables appeared on campus last summer, and they represent a time-honored link between Marlboro College and the Marlboro Music School and Festival, which occupies campus during the summer. The tables were purchased with a donation from Carol Christ, a trustee of Marlboro Music and admirer of the college.

“Marlboro College is one of a small number of progressive experimental colleges in the United States with a storied and distinguished history,” said Carol, the chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, and former president of Smith College. She first started going to concerts at Marlboro Music in 2002, when she started at Smith, and has served on the board for three years.

“The college and Marlboro Music School and Festival are tightly tied not only by the beautiful place they share but an interconnected history. Both had their roots in the aftermath of World War II, and both create a very special learning community in the beauty of southern Vermont.”

Carol’s donation was used to purchase seven convertible bench-tables that match ones the music festival already owned, for the joint use of both the college and the festival. Each bench is made from steel and recycled plastic, with a backrest that can be folded down into half of a picnic table.

“These tables can be easily moved around and convert into comfortable benches, for a multitude of configurations to suit any creative or academic inclination,” said Kevin Quigley, president. “They are very Marlboro.”