Parent Experience Inspires Planned Giving

“I give to Marlboro College for my son’s legacy, and because Marlboro has meant so much to our family, to him, and to his future,” said Angela Smith Domzal, the proud parent of Marlboro rising senior Andrew Domzal. Angela takes Andrew’s legacy so seriously that she has generously included Marlboro in her will and estate plans.

Andrew was looking for a small, academically rigorous, liberal arts school, according to Angela, and found Marlboro in the book Colleges that Change Lives. After visiting the school in the height of winter, with 30 inches of snow on the rooftops, and then participating in the college’s summer programs for high school students, Marlboro was the only place he wanted to go.

“Marlboro has changed his life,” said Angela. “It’s made him completely intellectual—a voracious reader. He’s a whole person, extremely well educated in a lot of different areas, and I just love that about Marlboro. I think we’re lucky to have found it.”

“Our experience with Marlboro has been with our whole family,” said Angela. “It’s kept me involved in Andrew’s education in an important way, and opened his horizons. I love that Marlboro does that, not just for my son but for so many students.”

Andrew is studying philosophy with professor William Edelglass, who he first met during a pre-college summer program, and is thriving in the close, one-to-one exchanges with professors. He has an interest in going on to graduate school in philosophy, and becoming a professor himself, and Angela hopes he has the good fortune to teach at a school like Marlboro.

“We’re really proud of him and I would like his legacy to be tied to Marlboro, so that’s why I joined the Potash Hill Society,” said Angela, referring to the Marlboro’s planned giving program. Although she is an alumna of Bryn Mawr College, and was very active with her alma mater for 20 years, Marlboro has a special place in her heart now. “I feel more of an obligation to Marlboro— Bryn Mawr is an old school and has a huge endowment—I feel like Marlboro is my place. For me, there’s more value in education for a whole person.”