President Kevin Featured on The Chronicle

“Everyone in our community has a voice,” says President Kevin Quigley in a recent video, part of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s series that explores aspects of campus leadership with movers and shakers in academia. In this edition of the On Leadership series, The Chronicle’s Jack Stripling chats with Kevin about Marlboro’s distinctive system of community governance.

“In higher ed, when most of us talk about shared governance, we talk about trustees, faculty, and administration” said Kevin. “In the Marlboro context, we include students…. And Town Meeting is the mechanism by which the students play a major role in the governance.”

President Kevin also discusses the recent Renaissance Scholars program currently boosting enrollment and student engagement at the college.

“We launched it last year with great success. Our incoming class is up 42 percent. Overall enrollment is up 15 percent. And these students who are coming through this program are community builders. They’re engaged in their community at home—and they’re becoming engaged in our community.”