Renaissance Scholars Rock Enrollment

The Renaissance Scholars program launched last year was intended to expand Marlboro’s recruitment area and increase applicant diversity, while attracting students who will succeed in this learning community and participate in civic engagement. Although the impact of scholarship recipients will not be felt on campus until next fall, the resounding success of the program is already evident.

To begin with, deposits from students for the fall 2016 semester is 46 percent higher than last year at this time, signaling the first increase in enrollment in at least nine years. The incoming class also represents 32 states, including Renaissance Scholars from 28 states—from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii—providing a broader diversity of backgrounds and interests. All of the scholars are students who are deeply involved in their communities at a local and a global level.

“The incoming class is much more diverse geographically and in other ways that will significantly enhance our learning community,” said President Kevin Quigley. “The trustees were so impressed with this outcome from the Renaissance Scholars that they have voted to continue the program next year.”

“We have Renaissance Scholars who have traveled the globe, others who have raised thousands of dollars for the needy, still more who are committed to social justice and have started clubs or organizations to help spread their message,” said Michael Campitelli, associate director of admissions. “This is in addition to their many innate talents in the music, theater, the visual arts, etc. Through their activities and commitments, they embody the interdisciplinary pursuit of knowledge and improvement of self and others that we hope all students will gain at Marlboro.”

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