Student Profile: Emmanuel Miller

On choosing Marlboro

Marlboro really appealed to me for a number of reasons. I think it is one of those really special places that you can’t just sum it up in a word. I was attracted to the fact that here at Marlboro, you basically get to design how you approach your education and how you learn, really. After high school I really wanted to choose what I wanted to do and Marlboro gave me the opportunity to do that. I’d say, for anyone coming to Marlboro, if you are interested in something, that will grow.

On academics

All of my friends are hungry to learn more in their classes. They’re very interested in what they’re doing and they’re also interested in being better people and bettering the world. That’s something I’ve noticed with all my friends. Here at Marlboro I’ve been able to grow not just in what I know but also as a person and how I approach the things that I’m interested in.

On Plan of Concentration

For my Plan of Concentration I’m interested in looking at systems and also at microbiology. We have yet to see where that goes, but so far I’m interested in the growth of slime molds Slime molds are very cool. I’m also really interested in the way that people and things interact, and how can we describe and see and explain what we can’t see. I think it’s very cool to learn about what people are how people work. Who am I. Who are we in this world.

On learning Spanish

I’m currently taking Spanish, and I’m really excited to learn. In Spanish class we’ve started to move onto to reading more literature, so I’m super excited for that. There are some scientific articles in Spanish that I’ve had some trouble with understanding, but the titles seem very interesting so I’m looking forward to reading some of those. Over the summer I had an internship looking at the seasonality of legionalosis, or Legionnaires disease, with Tanya Falarcon at Tufts University, and I really am looking forward to working further with her.

Emmanuel Miller speaking at a town meeting

On community at Marlboro

The community here a Marlboro College reminds me a lot of my friends back at home, if not even more so. I feel like I have a real family here—and even more than a family. I feel each person comes with a whole set of experiences and also a whole set of lessons that we can share with one another. I feel as though my teachers—more than being my teachers—are my role models with whom I can I can speak, as well as my friends. The community has been such a unique and warm place.

On being a peer advisor

There’s something very special about coming back from Bridges as a first year and connecting with a group of friends and then slowly branching out into the broader community. I’ve had the really wonderful experience where, since I was a freshman and I experienced that growth, the next year I was able to be a peer advisor—I got to help those coming back from Bridges. I liked helping to smooth that transition, having people feel very comfortable with their own class of first years.