Students Anticipate Integration with Graduate Program

The Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies program has recently completed its much-anticipated move from their home of many years in downtown Brattleboro to the main campus in Marlboro, Vermont. In order to aid in the fluidity of the move, and make the most of the co-location, Marlboro students and staff have been working together on an Integration Committee since last fall.

“I believe that the integration of the graduate and undergraduate communities can be like a powerful conversation, in which we each illuminates what the other can’t see alone,” said senior Solomon Botwick-Ries, co-chair of the Integration Committee. “I believe this co-location and conversation will be generative, leading to flourishing in a few different ways: for individual community members, for different social groups, and for the curricular structure as a whole, there is the possibility for cross-fertilization and growth.”

Having completed their first residency over spring break, the graduate school seems to have successfully transitioned into its new environment, but the Integration Committee still has many tasks at hand regarding the inclusion of graduate school students and staff in community events such as Town Meeting, Plan shows, and Work Day. Other possible areas of collaboration include career-related programming for undergraduate students, and speaker events that benefit and engage both populations.

“Anticipating the arrival of the graduate school, I know I have much to learn,” adds Solomon. “I am eager to unfold the possibilities of education together.”