The making of art is a process of discovery, informed by craft, intuitive play, rigorous self-examination, and an awareness of history.

Although we are in a climate of continual change, a climate in which traditional values in art are in constant question, students need to acquire solid skills in perception, close observation, and careful analytic thinking.

A Plan of Concentration in painting and drawing was first and foremost a broad-based course of study. The course structure emphasized perceptual and technical skills and directed students toward critical and historical awareness and to the identification of a personal direction in painting and drawing.


Amy Beecher

Painting, Visual Arts

Cathy Osman

Painting, Visual Arts


Racial and individual identity as it pertains to black women through the lenses of performance and painting

Saron Zewdie, 2018

The Family of Abraham: An Exploration of Familial Relationships and Ethical Dilemmas in the Biblical Story of Abraham.

Michael McIvor, 2014