Graduate students look forward to new home

“As someone who commutes to the Marlboro grad school, the campus in Brattleboro has felt more like a space that I would find here in New York City. I think that the Marlboro campus itself is so beautiful, and I appreciate that there will be more opportunities to be outdoors,” said Sarah Pidgeon, a graduate school student in the MBA program with a concentration in managing mission-driven organizations.

Many graduate students, including Sarah, are full of excitement and anticipation as the Marlboro graduate program begins its move from downtown Brattleboro to the more rural main campus in Marlboro, Vermont. The grad school’s management programs combine field-based learning in workplaces around the region, along with monthly residencies that in the past have taken place in Brattleboro. Now, graduate students will commute from their mostly urban occupations to the Marlboro campus for their weekend residencies beginning on March 17.

Sarah is currently working as the K-12 education director for a New York City–based nonprofit called Solar One, which focuses on urban environmental education. She is responsible for speaking to students and educators on topics such as climate change, renewable energy, and green career choices. One of her original attractions to Marlboro was the opportunity to be outdoors in a more natural setting. “I see the Marlboro campus as an asset in attracting students from the city. It really feels like a retreat.”