Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science,  & Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Degrees

Jeffrey William Arnold
Bachelor of Arts
A Study of Depression in the U.S.A.
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, Matthew Ollis
Outside Evaluator: Caroline Fish

Ryan Driscoll Barry
Bachelor of Arts
Modern Psychology and Freudianism
Sponsor: Thomas Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Casey Ford

Jadian Tara Bryan
Bachelor of Arts
VISUAL ARTS/Leadership & Community Engagement
Making Art Work: Understanding Visual Language of the Personal and Communal
Sponsors: John Willis, Felicity Ratté
Outside Evaluator: Lorie Novak

Kenny Paul Callahan
Bachelor of Science
Molecular Biology and Mathematical Modeling
Exploring Cancer Through Review & Model
Sponsors: Todd Smith, Matthew Ollis
Outside Evaluator: Jeremy Ward

Mary Candito
Bachelor of Arts
POLITICS/Creative Process
An Exploration of Identity and Society Through Political Theory, Historical Narratives, and Personal Reflection
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Kristin Horrigan
Outside Evaluator: Lise Sanders

Leni Claire Charbonneau
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Human Geography
Narrative Geographies: A Map to Contemporary Colonial Japan
Sponsors: Seth Harter, Nelli Sargsyan
Outside Evaluator: Michael Thornton

Hannah Chase
Bachelor of Arts
Art and Bodily Knowing
Sponsors: Timothy Segar, Amer Latif, William Ransom
Outside Evaluator: Olivia Bernard

Cameron Cory Cobane
Bachelor of Arts
An Investigation of Cultural Attachment to Revenge Cycles as a Defining Force in both Shakespearean Drama and Contemporary Political Discourse
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Paul Nelsen
Outside Evaluator: Edward Isser

Jan Raphael Cornel
Bachelor of Arts
Proust, Poetry, and the Narrative Work of Friendship
Sponsors: William Edelglass, Bronwen Tate
Outside Evaluator: Jessica Smith

Nicholas Langley Creel
Bachelor of Arts
COMPUTER SCIENCE & WRITING/Interactive Literature and New Media
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Interactive Electronic Literature: Creative, Analytic, and Technological Exploration of an Emergent Genre
Sponsors: Jim Mahoney, Bronwen Tate
Outside Evaluator: Claire Donato

Elliot M. Dale
Bachelor of Arts
Theory and Praxis
Sponsor: Kathryn Ratcliff
Outside Evaluator: Jerry Levy

Drew Sampson Daniels
Bachelor of Arts
SOCIOLOGY/Cultural Sociology & PSYCHOLOGY/Social Psychology
Radical Co-Creation within the Burning Man Community: An Exploration of the Collective Self and Ritual Interaction
Sponsors: Jennifer Girouard, Thomas Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Mark Austin

Josephina Della Dolcino
Bachelor of Arts
Applied Mathematics & Ceramics
Making Excellent Neapolitan Pizza: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Sponsors: Matthew Ollis, David Eichelberger, Sara Salimbeni
Outside Evaluator: Noel Brohner

Brooke Elaine Evans
Bachelor of Arts
WRITING/Poetry and Memoir
As I Left It: Recollections & Reflections
Sponsors: Bronwen Tate, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Camille Guthrie

Carol T. Friedman
Bachelor of Arts
An Investigation of Art and Function Through Ceramics
Sponsors: David Eichelberger, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Autumn Cipala

Erelyn Elizabeth Griffin
Bachelor of Arts
VISUAL ARTS/Painting and Photography
Who is Redcape? Story, Place, and Identity in Southern Vermont
Sponsors: John Willis, Amy Beecher
Outside Evaluator: Cathy Cone

Shannon Juliana Haaland
Bachelor of Arts
Broadcasting the Kingdom of Silence: Depictions of the Syrian War in Russia Today vs. Western News Media
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Yasser Munif

Grace Alexander Hamilton
Bachelor of Arts
The Deep End: An Investigation of Racial Identity in Intentional Spaces
Sponsors: Jennifer Girouard, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Lise Sanders

Sam Nash Harrison
Bachelor of Arts
A Compilation of Film and Photography Projects
Sponsors: John Willis, Brad Heck
Outside Evaluator: Jen Morris

Bridget Grace Houston
Bachelor of Arts
CLASSICS/Latin Literature
A Translation and Study of Rhetoric in Augustine and Virgil
Sponsors: Adam Franklin-Lyons, Henner Petin
Outside Evaluator: Isabella Grunberger-Kirsh

Elizabeth Johnson
Bachelor of Arts
Library As…: The Past, Present, and Potential of Public Libraries
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, Jennifer Girouard
Outside Evaluator: Joy Worland

Sage Anastasia Kampitsis
Bachelor of Arts
SOCIOLOGY/Education and Social Justice
Educational Symbolic Violence: Teachers’ Role in the Creation of “Problem Students”
Sponsor: Jennifer Girouard
Outside Evaluator: Amy Grillo

Merlin Kermit Jonathon Katz
Bachelor of Arts
Allegory as Fact: A Study of the Depiction of Imagination in Film
Sponsor: Brad Heck
Outside Evaluator: Josephine Decker

Henry David Garland Kirk
Bachelor of Arts
Heraclitus, Hegel, and the Ontological Grounding of Philosophy
Sponsor: William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: Meg Mott

Angelique Katherine Krohn
Bachelor of Arts
AMERICAN STUDIES/Literature and History
Rhetorics of American Indian Assimilation and Survivance in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, Catherine O’Callaghan
Outside Evaluator: Kyhl Lyndgaard

Menefese Selassie Kudumu-Clavell
Bachelor of Arts
Bridging Cultural Divides
Sponsors: Brad Heck, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Laura Isabel Serna

Roan Elizabeth Lee-Plunket
Bachelor of Arts
The Shape of Darkness: An Exploration of Science Fiction and Horror
Sponsors: Bronwen Tate, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Brian Stavely

John William Marinelli
Bachelor of Arts
THEATER/Physical Theater
Theater Methodology: A Study of Chinese Martial Arts as Actor Training
Sponsors: Brenda Foley, Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Jonathan Croy

Ana Nicktae Marroquin-Haslett
Bachelor of Arts
Identity Construction of a Biracial Family in the United States: An Exploration in Painting and Writing
Sponsors: Amy Beecher, Nelli Sargsyan
Outside Evaluator: Estefania Puerta

Sara Elizabeth McMahon
Bachelor of Arts
MUSIC/Performance & WRITING/Translation
Engaging Bossa Nova: Transmission,Translation, and Performance
Sponsors: Matan Rubinstein, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Dario Borim

Alta Claire Millar
Bachelor of Arts
Dance and Critical Theory
Investigating Adaptability Through Collective Navigation
Sponsors: Kristin Horrigan, Nelli Sargsyan
Outside Evaluator: Lailye Weidman

Nicholas Anthony Montalbano
Bachelor of Arts
General Economy and Celluloid
Sponsors: William Edelglass, Brad Heck
Outside Evaluator: Lindsay Lerman

Anna Shea Morrissey
Bachelor of Arts
Freer Together: Exploring Freedom and Relationality Through Faulkner, Spinoza, and Poetry
Sponsors: Bronwen Tate, Gloria Biamonte, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Ross Gay

Hailey Elaine Mount
Bachelor of Arts
Ecology and Environmental Philosophy
Learning from Plants: Exploring Ecology and Phenomenology of Plant Life to Inform Sustainable Environmental Relationships
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: Thomas Wessels

Lydia Marie Nuhfer
Bachelor of Arts
Plants of Concentration: Plant Classification in Human Context
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Adam Franklin-Lyons, Bronwen Tate
Outside Evaluator: Elizabeth Thompson

Claire O’Pray
Bachelor of Arts
PSYCHOLOGY & HISTORY/History of Medicine
The Medicalization of Psychology in the 19th Century and Its Modern Day Manifestations
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Hannah Decker

Samantha Marica Pavlic
Bachelor of Arts
ASIAN STUDIES/Contemporary Japanese Culture
A Study of Japan after WWII by Looking at Expressions of Youth Geekdom in Its Culture
Sponsor: Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Frenchy Lunning

Aaron Matthew Pilarcik
Bachelor of Science
Non-ionizing Radiation and Its Biological Effects
Sponsors: Sara Salimbeni, Todd Smith
Outside Evaluator: David Carpenter

Karla Julia Ramos
Bachelor of Arts
La Escuela Viene PrimeroThe Adolescent Journey Among Multi-Generational Dominican Immigrants
Sponsors: Kristin Horrigan, Thomas Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Chevon Stewart

Malachie Patrick Reilly
Bachelor of Arts
Identity and Place in Poetry, Personal Essay, and Lyrics
Sponsor: Bronwen Tate
Outside Evaluator: Camille Guthrie

Sarah Rovner-Frydman
Bachelor of Arts
COMPUTER SCIENCE/Programming Languages & MATHEMATICS/Logic
Math for Programming and Programming for Math
Sponsors: Matthew Ollis, Jim Mahoney
Outside Evaluator: Lars Birkedal

Cary Ana-Theresa Russell
Bachelor of Arts
Women in Suits: Representation & Narratives of Resistance on TV
Sponsors: Brad Heck, Brenda Foley
Outside Evaluator: Morgan Faust

Deana Joy Seitz
Bachelor of Arts
Visible Voices: Media Justice and Critical Media Literacy
Sponsors: Brad Heck, Jennifer Girouard
Outside Evaluator: Rachel Cole

Asa Gabriel Shadis
Bachelor of Arts
Embattled Spirit: Glimmers of the Eternal in Struggle and Sumud
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Khristina Haddad

Harriet Veronica Ball Sherman
Bachelor of Arts
Dream(emory): Translating Dream Experience in the Digital Age
Sponsors: Brad Heck, William Ransom
Outside Evaluator: Jo Derry

Sarah Lynn Sidney
Bachelor of Arts
The Books of Teenagers: Feminism & Fans in Young Adult Fantasy
Sponsors: Bronwen Tate, Kathryn Ratcliff
Outside Evaluator: Hannah Hudson

Cecil Annaliese Siebold
Bachelor of Arts
Representing Sustainability Artistically
Sponsors: William Ransom, Todd Smith
Outside Evaluator: Jennifer Moore

Stacia Helen Skwirut
Bachelor of Arts
Environmental Science and Education
Current Climate Crisis: Pedagogy for Science Education
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Thomas Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Karen Cangialosi

Mercy Solbeck
Bachelor of Arts
(Un)Learning Gender: An Exploration of Nonbinary Identities and Experiences Within and Beyond Gender Studies
Sponsors: Brad Heck, Kristin Horrigan
Outside Evaluator: André Perez

Jennifer Lauren Stofer
Bachelor of Arts
Thinking With Others: Explorations in Philosophy and Painting
Sponsors: Amy Beecher, William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: Claire Donato

Adeel Sultan
Bachelor of Arts
Conflict and Compromise: A Theatrical and Literary Exploration of Muslim Perspectives in the U.S.
Sponsors: Brenda Foley, Bronwen Tate
Outside Evaluator: MJ Halberstadt

David L. Teter
Bachelor of Arts
Film Production and Photography
A Queer Response to Heteronormativity in Cinema and an Exploration of Lighting and Cinematography
Sponsors: Brad Heck, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Rose Bush

Cyane Serena Herriott Thomas
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Cross-Cultural Unity or Division: Analysis of the Global Korean Pop Music Fandom
Sponsors: Seth Harter, Jennifer Girouard
Outside Evaluator: Kelly MacDonald Weeks

Christopher Reed Tripp
Bachelor of Arts
Adventures in Time and Space: Variable Stars and Canonical Forms of Matrices
Sponsors: Matthew Ollis, Sara Salimbeni
Outside Evaluator: Giuliana Fiorentino

Jonathan Clark Tuttle
Bachelor of Arts
An Examination of Statistical Mechanics Through Brownian Motion and Quantum Mechanics
Sponsor: Sara Salimbeni
Outside Evaluator: Kebra Ward

Ricarrdo Andre Valentine
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Shaping Afro-Neo Narratives: Bailar y Fotos (Dance and Photos) in Afro-México
Sponsors: Kristin Horrigan, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Christal Brown

Nathaniel Paul Van Osdol
Bachelor of Arts
HISTORY/Classical Antiquity & CERAMICS
Metaphora: Understanding Language and Ceramics Through Translation
Sponsors: Adam Franklin-Lyons, David Eichelberger
Outside Evaluator: Georgia Tsouvala

Eric Wefald
Bachelor of Arts
A Brief Moment in the Sun: The American Reconstruction Period in Retrospect
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Anna Terwiel

Adam Walter Weinberg
Bachelor of Arts
“I’m Not Complaining”: Ruminations on Ideological Diversity and the Need for Difference
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Thomas Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Joanne Hayes

Ty White
Bachelor of Arts
Trickstering: An African American Methodology of Imaginative Resistance Through Life and Craft
Sponsors: Nelli Sargsyan, Rituparna Mitra
Outside Evaluator: Roberto Strongman

Raina James Workman
Bachelor of Arts
HISTORY/Medieval Studies
Perspectives on Late Antique Femininity
Sponsor: Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Jesse Torgerson

Virginia Jeanne Zosel
Bachelor of Arts
Boundaries of Continuity: Dissociation, Dreaming, and Abnormal States of Sleep
Sponsor: Thomas Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Gordon Faison

Graduate & Professional Studies Degrees

Catherine R. Clauss
Master of Business Administration
Fostering Shared Leadership and Using Systems Thinking for Collaborative Problem-Solving

Angie M. Raymond Leduc
Master of Business Administration
Cultivating Connection: A Path to Individual & Organizational Wellness

William Neff
Master of Business Administration
Embodying Equity: Exploring White-Male-Accountability, Social Transformation, and Collective Liberation

Willow Anne Ross
Master of Business Administration
Love Leadership: A Compassionate Approach for Leaders

Genna C. Williams
Master of Business Administration
Food as Medicine: A Prescriptive Food Program


Alysa Sierra Austin
Master of Science in Management
Care Culture in the Workplace: Reimagining the Role of Organizations in Personal Well-Being

Kelly Lorraine Barton
Master of Science in Management
We Don’t Keep Score: A Co-Owned Video Podcast Venture

Mack Mackin
Master of Science in Management
Managing Change While Supporting Personal and Professional Development

Elissa M. Pine
Master of Science in Management
563 Steps: An Audio Exploration of Opioids in My Neighborhood

Simon Renault
Master of Science in Management
The Power of Storytelling to Create Change in Communities: The What If? Project

Natasha Q. Yandow
Master of Science in Management
Business Planning for Launch Loft Coworking


Christopher Ashley
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Storytelling: What Is the point?

Luiz Augusto Batista
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Teaching Society’s Dynamics Through Literature: A Demonstration of Applications of Socio-Political Literature in the Classroom

Mamadou Cisse
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Pythagorean Theorem: Historical Perspectives on the Legitimacy of Naming it After Pythagoras

Tristan Lorraine Close
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Community Work and Common Goals in Elementary Education

Jennifer Li-Yen Douglass
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Sugar: A Unit Plan for the Book Sugar by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Fatema Fahmid
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Our Problematic Education System

Joseph Frigo
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Teaching Science: Counter Examples to Understanding Contradictions

Kavya Ganesh
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Test Scoring in Public Schools in India and the United States

Keegan Harris
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Considering Food Justice: Is Industrial Agriculture the Problem? Is Food Citizenship the Solution?

Jessica Neely
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
What are We Learning?: Educating Remotely

Sara Salimbeni
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
The Use of Prisoner’s Dilemma in the Classroom

Lucas Arthur Schultz
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Origins of the Common Core and Next Generation State Standards

Michael Shlenoff
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Perceptions of Apathy in Differing School Settings

Stacia Helen Skwirut
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Modules for Plants, Carbon Sequestration, Water Cycles: Choose Your Own Adventure

Nicholas Sung
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
One-on-One Teaching with Special Needs Students and Exploring Alternate Way of Presenting Information

Joshua Mikal Wyman
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Building Community Within the Community

Keith Andrew Yergeau
Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Justice
Undefined: Understanding Political Differences


Anabel Camacho Cuevas
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Both my Brains Are Fine, Thanks!: The Implications and Impact of Social and Structural Linguistic Repertoire for Users of Multiple Languages

Jennifer Maria DiGiacomo
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Flippin’ What?: Technology and Community-Building Through the “Flipped” ESL Classroom

Ahmed Elsayed Mohamed Salama Elgamsy
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Movication!: Movies to Approach the Four Skills and Beyond

Kathleen Harris
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
There’s an App for That: Mobile Learning for Refugee Students

Alexandra Jane Rutan
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
King Tut & Stanley’s No-Good-Dirty-Rotten-Pig-Stealing-Great-Great-Grandfather in my Ethiopian ESL Classroom: A Content-Based Instruction Experience