Environmental studies explores the interaction of humans and our environment.

By its nature, environmental studies is cross-disciplinary; students benefitted from being broadly trained in all four areas of the liberal arts curriculum. For example, issues surrounding tropical deforestation include those that are biological, cultural, political, and economic. While it is not possible to become expert in all these areas, the trick is to be based broadly enough to spot all the potential concerns and to be based deeply enough in several areas to offer reasonable solutions.


William Edelglass

Philosophy, Environmental Studies

Seth Harter

Asian Studies, History, Environmental Studies

Jenny Ramstetter

Biology, Environmental Studies

Tim Segar

Sculpture, Visual Arts, Environmental Studies

Todd Smith

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Studies

Sara Salimbeni

Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Studies

Jaime Tanner

Biology, Environmental Studies

Jim Tober

Economics, Environmental Studies

Tom Toleno

Psychology, Environmental Studies